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Not finding what you need?

As you launch into independent research you will be expected to find more of your resources for yourself.  You may find yourself researching in a field you are not familiar with or comparing law across jurisdictions. This is where your experience of the key databases really pays dividends but there are more resources to discover.

Different Jurisdictions - if it is the geographical scope of your subject that is widening:

If you are looking for primary sources of law check:

Use the Discovery Service to reveal significant pockets of law in other databases via the Content Provider limiter and Additional Resources area.

You can also exploit national versions of Google and Google Scholar to identify reports and research in other jurisdictions.

Researching your subject in more depth

 If you want to look at a specific subject in more depth, it is time to revisit  the commentary section and  Halsbury’s Laws of England in Lexis and the books available in Westlaw. You should also consider using Oxford Scholarship online, a collection of 900+ scholarly legal texts. Also try the Law section of Elgar Research Reviews. Check the Discovery Service for weightier books and e-books on single legal issues.

Additional Sources

There are a wide range of resources available to law students beyond the obvious journals, databases, and websites. Here we list a selection you might find useful.

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Watch UK TV programmes from 2007 onwards, including many films and useful documentaries.


Off-air broadcasts and in-house video material curated by the the University for teaching puposes.


non-ministerial body responsible for criminal prosecutions.


ministerial department responsible for immigration, security, and law and order.


a Parliamentary Select Committee with remit to consider human rights issues in the UK.


ministerial department responsible for areas of constitutional policy, human rights law and information rights law.


The supreme legislative body for the UK, British Crown Dependiencies, and British Overseas Territories.


An independent body established by Parliament to keep UK law under review, and make recommendations.

If you require older material or archived versions of documents they may be available from the National Archive. In case of difficulty please contact Linda Jones.


briefings giving background information on current business of the House and matters of concern.

N.B. Both the House of Commons and House of Lords Libraries produce Research Papers and Standard Notes which are worth exploring.


A database of digitised UK doctoral theses offering free online access to theses of participating Higher Education institutions.


School of Law - Exemplars are mounted within Moodle  (in Library only) not in Discovery 

Examplars of previous dissertations from the School of Law are mounted within Moodle.

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